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We provide you with a platform that allows you to bulk upload via spreadsheet documents with ease and instantly generate the shortened URLs.

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Our platform will shorten all the URLs you provide, regardless of length and provide you with the results you need to ensure your business succeeds.


Our platform will keep statistics related to each shortened URL and provide you with all the information you need, ensuring effective results.

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With our platform, we provide you with the tools necessary to generate all the shortened URLs that you require and empower you to keep track of the outcome of each URL and their effectiveness.

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Easy usage

Our platform is designed to help you understand and easily generate all the shortened URLs that you require.

Fast and simple

Our platform will generate all the required URLs quickly and efficiently.


Our platform will provide with all the statistic that you require on all the generated URLs.


Our platform is highly secure to ensure that you and your customer base are safe from unauthorized usage.

Device compatibility

Our platform is built to work on any device, ensuring that you can use it at the comfort of your office or your couch.

24/7 Online support

We will provide you with all the support that you need to effectively use our platform.

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